Horticultural Engagement Programs

The Secret Garden is a community garden providing various programs each week to groups from North West Disability Service and visiting disability service providers from throughout the Sydney region.

Our garden provides a safe and supportive environment where people of all abilities can learn horticultural skills and engage in nature-based activities.

Participants assist in a wide range of retail nursery activities such as plant propagation, gardening, watering, weeding, pricing and displaying plants ready for sale.

The result of being involved in these activities is immeasurable in terms of the social, educational, therapeutic, cognitive and physical benefits gained by participants.

Nature therapy, horticultural therapy, green therapy and eco-therapy are the various names used for activities that incorporate the use of plants, plant materials, natural spaces and gardening in a therapeutic structure.

These disciplines work with a wide range of clients including people living with disability, mental illness, aged care, youth at risk, offenders and ex-offenders, those with eating disorders and people recovering from major injury or illness.

From ‘Nature Heals’,
by Virginia Field, Karen Gray
& Kerryn Coombs-Valeontis