Mate’s Shed

A great addition to the Secret Garden site is the Mates’ Shed which is open to people of all abilities. A fully resourced woodworking workshop, the Mates Shed is usually a hive of activity and there is always something ‘on the go’! You may also see people creating timber structures for the garden or working on individual projects such as bird houses or gifts for friends and family.

One of our most popular projects are our ‘bee hotels’ which are made from old palettes, wooden blocks, bamboo sticks and decorated with dried foliage. We sell these through the Secret Garden plant shop and they have proved in such high demand that there is often a waiting list of customers wanting to purchase a bee hotel for their garden.

The relaxed, friendly environment of the Mate’s Shed welcomes opportunities for all in our community to share a cuppa and a chat, whilst socialising and undertaking woodworking projects that most participants agree are very worthwhile and rewarding.

For more information about getting involved with the Mate’s Shed please get in touch with North West Disability Services by calling 02 9686 4155 or email