Salvia spp & cvs

Salvias are a member of the Mint family (Lamiaceae) commonly called Sage. This is a very large and diverse group of plants, with around 1,000 species of annual, perennial and soft-wooded shrubs. They have very attractive foliage and flowers so are the perfect choice for cottage gardens, borders or display pots.


  • Many different flower colours and types, depending on the variety
  • Range in size from small groundcovers to large spreading shrubs up to 3m high
  • Very hardy and low maintenance
  • Great for attracting bees, insects and birds
  • Some species have culinary and medicinal uses
  • Do best in full sun, but need protection from strong winds and don’t tolerate cold temperatures or frost
  • Drought and heat tolerant once established
  • Easily be propagated by taking cuttings
  • Minimal problems with pests or diseases. Occasional issues with slugs/snails, aphids, powdery mildew and hibiscus beetles
  • Long flowering period: Spring to Summer


Salvias prefer moist but not soggy conditions, so don’t overwater. They do best in well drained soil which has organic matter added. Occasional feeds with liquid fertilizer is beneficial. Best grown as annuals and pruned back in early Spring. Dead-head old flowers to encourage re-flowering.

Our varieties:

The Secret Garden have heaps of beautiful salvias available for sale, all of which have been propagated on-site. Some of our popular varieties include: ‘Meigan’s Magic’, ‘Bill Whitehead’, ‘Spotty Dotty’, ‘Wendy’s Wish’, ‘Limelight’, ‘Joan’, ‘African Skies’, ‘Hot Lips’.

Come and visit us and check out our huge range of salvias and maybe take one home for your garden!